Crafting with Mamma Moo and Crow

Craft with Mummy and the Crow!

Join your favorite cow and crow in this fun and cozy game packed with things to do. Here you will find tricky challenges and fun mini-games to experience again and again.

  • Solving crossword puzzles (Learning letters)
  • Practicing fine motor skills in the farm’s mazes
  • Help the Crow find more things for his nest (Recognize patterns)
  • Discover quirky constellations with numbers
  • Play hide and seek with the Crow
  • Go on a picnic with Mummy and the Crow where you learn about letters and shapes!
  • Watch short films with Mummy Mu and The Crow
  • Getting the perfect cow picture
  • Climb a tree, maybe with a friend and compete to see who can climb the tree the fastest (Practice counting).

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